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Championing complex change initiatives to
co-create more adaptive systems.


A Short Story


As a strategist, storyteller, and social entrepreneur, I walk a diverse professional path guided by a commitment to creating positive impact. I’ve been known to drive a grocery store on wheels into food insecure communities, convince a Fortune 500 corporation to let me build it a food access initiative, secure funding for cross-sector collaborations that believe food is medicine, partner with a Tribal Nation to establish a community health strategy, and teach graduate level courses on social entrepreneurship and storytelling for social innovation.

As cofounder of ALICE Strategy, I specialize in integrating big visions and diverse objectives with the power of strategic storytelling.

Amelia is one of the most talented people I have worked with. An entrepreneurial leader and systems thinker adept at integrating both business and mission imperatives, Amelia has a rare combination of skills. Her written and verbal and storytelling are compelling, captivating and eye-opening. I have witnessed these abilities in her media articles, formal reports, panelist roles and keynote speeches. I am especially impressed with her ability to move people to think and act differently, advancing individuals and business objectives forward for collective good. Amelia is a visionary who sees fresh possibilities, but she is also a true impact-driven entrepreneur who is able to get the hard work done of making amazing things happen where only gaps and problems existed before. Deeply committed to improving lives and constantly reaching for greater positive impact, Amelia is also humble, funny, kind and thoughtful. I am always plotting ways to work with her again and cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Cindy Cooper, co-founder, Impact Entrepreneurs

Social Innovation

I design, support, and lead projects with individuals, startups, organizations, and networks that are driven to create positive social and environmental change.

Selected WORK


My Street Grocery

As a response to food insecurity and access barriers facing Portland communities, I founded My Street Grocery, an award-winning social enterprise and the nation’s first mobile grocer to be acquired and operated by a national retailer. My Street Grocery operated community markets in Portland, Ore. designed to improve fresh food access and build community by leveraging food as a catalyst for holistic health and social change. The brand has been featured in Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Oregon Public Broadcasting, documentary film, radio and television news.



I partnered with Legacy Health to design and execute an incentive program that provided access to healthy food for patients who suffer from devastating chronic diseases and food insecurity. Program participants received food prescription vouchers from their healthcare providers on a weekly basis, giving them access to nourishing food, as well as healthy eating and cooking education and a supportive community. Our initiative was the Portland Metro Area's first and largest food prescription program, growing from one to ten participating clinics over four years in both urban and rural locations, enrolling more than 500 patients, and surpassing the national average redemption rate.


Whole Foods Market

As the Director of Food Access Programs for Whole Foods Market, I designed and led the corporation's first comprehensive food access initiative. In this role, I collaborated with marketing leaders to develop a focused community partnership strategy, developed and taught leadership curricula for team members, built cross-functional teams aligned around a shared purpose, and co-created a national grant program leading to investments in 44 new community-led food access programs across 26 states. This work earned national media attention, improved customer and team member engagement, and received the corporation's 2014 Global Top Innovation Award.

From the start, Amelia impressed me with her courage, her systems thinking and her vision for the important role of food in communities. She is a world-class collaborator, and I continue to rely on her counsel for initiatives at the local and national level. Amelia is a natural consensus builder who is able to spot opportunities for partnership, efficiencies and win/wins from a mile away. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that people simply like working with her - she’s bright, nimble, positive and warm, and a strong addition to any team or organization.
— Susan Livingston, Global Director of Community Engagement and Events, Whole Foods Market

I provide lectures, workshops, and keynotes at events around the country with themes including entrepreneurship, access, impact, innovation, leadership, community, and connection.

I am an Adjunct Professor of Management at Portland State University, where I teach storytelling for social innovation in the School of Business.

I write about food and culture for national media outlets.

Effortless eloquence best describes Amelia’s presentation style. She captivates audiences with a passion for social change that’s woven into every word. Amelia’s experience, confidence and master storytelling elevate her to the top of speaker lineups. She would add value to any event designed to inspire, educate and motivate.
— Erin Merz, Director of Marketing & Communication, Portland State University

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