I help clients revitalize the connection between money and mission.

Without an activated mission, businesses may lose potential investors and customers. Without a viable business model, mission-driven entrepreneurs can neither survive nor innovate.

In 2011, I founded My Street Grocery, an award-winning social enterprise launched on seed capital from a crowdfunding campaign and venture competition prize money. In 2013, I led that company through a successful acquisition by the nation’s largest organic grocer. That same year, I created a job at a Fortune 500 company that was the first in its 33-year history. I developed and led that corporation's first social enterprise business unit, and its first comprehensive food access program. In 2017, I left my corporate director role to launch a new practice that would deepen my commitment to positive impact and support innovators by breaking down barriers to access.



BUSINESS — The business engagement is a comprehensive approach designed for concept stage businesses, nonprofits, or post-revenue companies in need of the structure and strategy required for long-term growth. Your brilliant idea or powerful mission won’t succeed without a viable business model; we provide you with the container in which to organize and grow your innovation. Our work includes mission ideation, strategic storytelling, revenue model analysis, rapid prototyping workshops, business plan design and review, strategic planning, and impact measurement guidance.

MISSION — The mission engagement is designed for established organizations or corporate teams seeking to identify, revamp or revitalize a flagging mission. In creative conversations, design-thinking workshops, and facilitated retreats, we explore, test, iterate, innovate, and ultimately define the mission that best represents your organizational values. After we agree upon your dynamic mission, we establish a strategy to integrate and activate that mission throughout your organization. We employ activities to build consensus around a shared vision, engage key stakeholders, and achieve strategic clarity. Your dynamic mission is your platform for investor engagement, customer acquisition, and team productivity.

COACHING —  The coaching engagement provides one-on-one support and accountability for emerging and experienced leaders. Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of career success, yet leaders often find themselves lacking the space or peer relationships that allow them to cultivate personal growth. Our coaching engagements focus on strategic clarity, personal leadership effectiveness, interpersonal communication, vulnerability, consensus building, personal storytelling, and self-awareness.

STORY — The story engagement helps individuals, startups, and teams enact change, engage stakeholders, and achieve goals. The strength of your strategic story and your skillful delivery of that story are directly connected to your ability to make money. In strategic storytelling engagements, we refine and integrate your personal and organizational stories, which you will leverage to engage investors, customers, and partners. We support your story development with narrative exercises, presentation design, and pitch coaching.

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Amelia is one of the most talented people I have worked with. An entrepreneurial leader and systems thinker adept at integrating both business and mission imperatives, Amelia has a rare combination of skills. I am especially impressed with her ability to move people to think and act differently, advancing individuals and business objectives forward for collective good.

Amelia is a visionary who sees fresh possibilities, but she is also a true impact-driven entrepreneur who is also able to get the hard work done. I am always plotting ways to work with her again and cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Cindy Cooper, The Lemelson Foundation

Amelia operates at a level of deep thinker and experienced entrepreneur with a capacity for listening and analysis that can move the dial on any organization.
— Jeanne Enders, endersgroup

From the start, Amelia impressed me with her courage, her systems thinking and her vision for the important role of food in communities. She is a world-class collaborator, and I continue to rely on her counsel for initiatives at the local and national level. Amelia is a natural consensus builder who is able to spot opportunities for partnership, efficiencies and win/wins from a mile away. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that people simply like working with her- she’s bright, nimble, positive and warm, and a strong addition to any team or organization.
— Susan Livingston, Whole Foods Market

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