Originally published in Newsweek on 8/5/17
Co-authored with Winston Ross

Depending on where you land on the spectrum of troglodyte to tech dynamo, finding new music in the Digital Age is either an easy or an overwhelming prospect. Keeping up with the volume of new artists bouncing around Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and YouTube is sort of like trying to figure out who Donald Trump fired today.

But there’s help: each year, a small band of music enthusiasts in Oregon spend months scouring the cultural landscape for the brightest minds and the sweetest voices in music, from hip-hop to country. Then, they lure as many of those artists as possible to a little-known music festival called Pickathon, held each August on an 82-acre farm in Oregon’s Happy Valley, sell a capped 3,500 tickets and treat visitors to a weekend of discovery that is agnostic to the charts. The whole idea of the festival is that you probably haven’t heard of 80 percent of the talent.

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